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Clutch Servicing in Coventry

What does the clutch do?

The clutch, put simply, connects the engine speed to the speed of the wheels. When you push the clutch pedal down it disconnects the engine you do this every time you stop to allow the engine to keep going while the wheels stop. To get back into gear when the clutch pedal is lifted is achieved by using the friction between the clutch plate and the flywheel to match the engine speed and the wheel speed. This friction can cause issues when you use the clutch incorrectly when driving and can cause expensive repair costs. If you want a team of highly experienced Clutch Service Technicians then Book Today using our Booking Tool located on this page to get an instant quote!

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What happens when the clutch fails?

As mentioned earlier the clutch uses friction to work. This friction material on the clutch plate wears out over time and as it becomes thinner the clutch starts to “slip.” If not fixed then the flywheel and the clutch plate can rub together and wear on each other causing damage. A lot of modern cars have a hydraulic actuated clutch, these self adjust the clutch plate distance from the flywheel so that the friction material lasts longer, however, this can cause the clutch to suddenly fail without much warning. If you would like a friendly and professional team to service or repair your clutch Book Now using the Booking Tool on this page to get an instant quote now.

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