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What is a Diesel Particulate Filter?

A diesel particulate filter or DPF is installed in the majority of diesel cars and is designed to filter the soot particulates out of the exhaust fumes. Sometimes these particulates build up and the car has to “burn” them off. This is indicated by usually a light shaped like a pipped box with dots in but this can vary depending on the manufactuer so check your handbook. This can happen naturally if you do long journeys of 30-50 minutes of motorway driving regularly. If not then the onboard computer does this by injecting more fuel in automatically this causes the temperature of the exhaust to increase which burns off the particulates that have accumulated. Problems can occur when there is a blockage of particulates. However, if the DPF light does not turn off after the “burn off” process then there is a deeper problem.

What if my DPF fault indicator light doesn’t turn off after an automatic regeneration?

If your Diesel Particulate Filter light doesn’t turn off after an automatic regeneration then it will have to be seen by a garage as it could be a sign of a bigger problem. If you catch it soon then it might be an inexpensive fix but if it is left too long then it can cause more damage to be done to the system. If the filter gets too blocked then some cars can go into a “limp home” mode which restricts the engine power and some cars may not even start at all. So it is a problem that should be caught early. If you want your DPF serviced or replaced by a professional team of experts then book now using our booking tool located on this page to get an instant quote.

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